RAF Clyffe Pypard, located in the English county of Wiltshire, was one of a great number of airfields which sprang up during World War 2, and as with so many of those it disappeared into obscurity after the war.


In fact, Clyffe Pypard's airfield lasted longer than many: flying continued for two years after the war, and by a quirk of fate its domestic site remained RAF-manned for many years after that.


The station 'only' undertook flight training, and so it could be assumed that nothing much went on there. But the truth is far removed from that assumption: the training role was essential to the war effort, and many men died whilst pursuing this goal. One should also not forget the fact that women were a key part of this station's daily life, with many local civilian girls being employed on aircraft handling duties, alongside their WRAF colleagues.


I hope that the following pages serve as a fitting monument to those who lived and died in this quiet corner of Wiltshire.


Needless to say, I would welcome any corrections/additions/comments - and especially photographs: the aim of this site is to record a piece of obscure local history, but there's always room for improvement!


Duncan Curtis, March 2016.


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